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Endeavour is a fitness club that offers a friendly and welcoming environment which is accommodating for both those who are first stepping into a gym and for the more experienced gym goer. 

At Endeavour you'll find everything you require from equipment to knowledgeable staff members to help you achieve your goals.



At Endeavour you'll find a full range of comprehensive equipment comprising of;

Free weights

Fixed resistance machines

Cardiovascular equipment 

And also an open spaced studio to aid you with your functional training.

So whether you want to shape up, get fit or build strength there is something for you.


At Endeavour we will help you adopt healthy habits and routines that can become a sustainable way of life that will keep you on track with being the best version of you


Become a valued member of our diverse community where it has always been a big part of our vision to create a friendly and more personal club where everyone knows your name.

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